Autumn Tea 2020

A collaboration between Activist Teahouse and Steeping Films.

Activist Teahouse Satellite Gatherings for Autumn Tea in NYC 

This year, Activist Teahouse in conjunction with the Autumn Tea in NYC, will be welcoming members of the tea community to engage in the wider world dialogue. Join the co-founders in an outdoor session as we sip tea and kick start action towards positive change. 

Saturday, October 24 & Sunday, October 25. Check below for your nearest Autumn Tea Fest gathering!

Satellite Gatherings

  • New York City with Jin: Mindful Breathing Practices for Family. (Sunday, 10/25)

In the age of COVID, social unrest and social media overload - it is important to take the time to practice self-care. Together, we will explore a few family centered mindful & meditative breathing activities to help release anxiety & frustration. Followed by reflection over tea. Sign up here.

  • Chicago with Marco: Emotional Agili-Tea Through the Leaf (Saturday, 10/24)

Together, we’ll explore methods we can use through tea to show up to our difficult emotions, thoughts, and stories; as we deepen our awareness and invite discourse. Sign up here.

  • Las Vegas with Rie: You Can Do It If You Chai! (Sunday, 10/25)

In this intimate, light-hearted, and positive gathering, we’ll explore a flight of 5 quality masala chai blends brewed fresh on stovetop, while sharing our joys and struggles living in 2020’s “New Normal”. Let’s encourage ourselves to keep going strong! Sign up here.

  • Los Angeles with Jessica: CommuniTea | A Global Passport in a Locked Down World  (Sunday, 10/25)

Tea is rooted in rich history. Together, we’ll explore unique tea traditions around the world and discuss how this brewed beverage is intricately intertwined with culture. In a world increasingly divided by differences, we can use tea to celebrate diversity and shape our perspectives to become better global citizens. Sign up here.

New York Locations (Main Hub)

Prospect Park, Brooklyn (Main event)

Astoria Park, Queens 

Bronx Park, Bronx

CDC/Health Guidelines

In compliance with health guidelines from the CDC during the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask you to join us in keeping Autumn Tea 2020 a safe and COVID-free activity through these guidelines:

  • Sit 6 feet apart
  • Wear masks, pull down when sipping
  • Contactless serving (serve with pitcher
  • Provide hand sanitizer
  • Sanitize hands before serving/wear mask while serving
  • Bring your own tea bowl, blanket/seating

For more information on each event, please get in touch with your local organizer above or Contact Us.